The Chicago Graduate Conference is an annual conference organized by Spanish and Luso-Brazilian literature graduate students from the University of Illinois at Chicago, Northwestern, and the University of Chicago. Previously, all three universities had hosted separate graduate student conferences. However, for the past four years, these three programs have come together for the purpose of putting on an intellectual gathering at a grander scale, pooling resources and working collaboratively in order to provide the best possible opportunity for graduate students in Hispanic and Luso-Brazilian studies to share their work, network, and learn from their peers.

We are pleased to announce that the theme for this year’s conference, hosted at the Northwestern University, Evanston on April 16-18, 2020, will be Nature in Captivity: Paths Toward Liberation,featuring keynote speakers Gisela Heffes, Jorge Marcone, and Vera Candiani.

Applicants should submit an abstract of 250 words (Times New Roman, 12 point font, double- spaced) and their information (name, affiliation, department, contact information) as a Word document to gradchicagoconference@gmail.com before 11:59pm on Sunday, February 15th, 2020.